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Motion tracking rehabilitation EMG Sensors

Musculoskeletal Activities Sensing System

Revolutionize the way you approach motion tracking, AI-driven rehabilitation, and sports performance enhancement with MAXSENS. We harness cutting-edge technology to empower individuals, athletes, and healthcare professionals on their journey to optimal physical well-being.

Our innovative system combines precise motion tracking technology with the power of artificial intelligence. Whether you’re recovering from an injury, aiming to enhance athletic performance, or simply striving for a healthier lifestyle, MAXSENS is your trusted companion.

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Products & Applications

Machine intelligent EEG

Application working on every device

The app provides real-time data and insights into your movements, helping you understand your exercise patterns and progress towards fitness goals. Its cross-platform functionality ensures that data is synchronized across all devices, allowing you to start a workout on your tablet, review your progress on your mobile, and analyze detailed statistics on your desktop.

Key Features

Motion Tracking

Unparalleled accuracy in monitoring musculoskeletal activities in real time.

 AI-Powered Guidance:

Intelligent algorithms provide personalized recommendations for effective rehabilitation and sports training.


Regain strength and mobility with tailored exercises and instant feedback.


Elevate your athletic prowess with data-driven insights and performance optimization.

IoT solution for rehabilitation and wellness sectors
Real-time monitoring…
…of musculoskeletal activities by combination of software and Hardware
AI and machine learning for data Integration analysis
Multisensorial platform
identifies incorrect postures and neurological damages swiftly
With MAXSENS, sports centers can offer their members a unique experience based on precision, customization, and effectiveness. It’s the ideal solution for enhancing athlete performance and ensuring the safety and well-being of members during training and rehabilitation.

Who can benefit?

» Healthcare Providers

» Heath Insurance companies

» Individual Users

» Research Institutions

» Virtual Reality (VR) and Gaming Industry

» Sports and Fitness Industry

» Telehealth and Remote Monitoring Services

» Corporate Wellness Programs

» Assistive Technology Providers


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MAXSENS is a registered a patent (EP22382621.5). 

The MAXSENS logo and brand are registered and protected since July 2021. 

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