EU-OSHA has already warned that musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are the most common occupational disease in the EU-27, the reasons that could be highlighted for this statement are:

23% of EU-27 workers report muscle pains
62% are exposed for a quarter of the time or more to repetitive work of hands and arms
46% to painful or strenuous postures
35% to transporting or moving heavy loads.

Human hands, specifically the wrist, play a crucial role in performing various activities of daily living. Many daily activities pose a risk to wrist and hand postures.


Our latest development – the MAXSENS – is a preventive and protecting IoT solution for working risks of upper limbs disorders and injuries.

A combination of 10 type of sensors that captures hand and wrist bio-marks including neorosignals and real time data collection through Wi-Fi/4G

Combines Artificial Intelligence and medical data bases

It is able to give recommendations for posture correction and prevent possible health risk on hand or wrist; It is able to improve the injuries more efficient and faster

Extendable to other parts of the body

Patent registration ongoing.

MAXSENS Smart Glove is user friendly a complex sensor system a unique concept low cost


The Hardware SmartGlove is designed in a modular way and is printed with compact electronic circuits with high energy efficiency and performance that allow it to detect movements in a highly sensitive way.

For this, an innovative plastornic process will be used together with printed electronic technology to obtain an ergonomic and modular glove. The modularity of the glove allows to obtain a personalized glove. So sensors can be added or removed depending on the pilot’s requirements and the use case.

Furthermore, in the future the prevention system may be expanded to other parts of the body. The most important of all, to reduce cost, maintenance and sanitization of the product, is the integration method of inmold electronic or plastronic that allows changing or cleaning the parts of the modular design faster, in a simpler way and at a very low cost.

The Software system (Backend System) is a complex solution that allows adequate data analysis and decision-making, using real time data acquisition and Artificial intelligence/Deep-learning algorithms along with databases of musculoskeletal diseases and disorders to detect possible risks, recommend preventive solutions and correct postures in the short and long term.


The growth of the smart wearable glove market is driven by the increasing use in gaming applications and physical activity tracking. Majority of products are focused on video games or virtual reality, not on the prevention of upper extremity pathologies

The combination of the smart glove with the applications for smartphones / tablets / computers will allow companies and workers to keep a record of their movements and evolution, to identify the risk of possible injuries.

In addition to what is described above, other differential characteristics of the SmartGlove are:

  • It allows to carry out monitoring and bio-feedback to improve well-being, as well as the prevention of risks and damage to the user’s health.
  • They contain an eCoaching component, with the recommendation of exercises to prevent physical stress and tension (for example, muscle tension) in relation to the hand and wrist, including a psychoeducational approach (for example, preventive load management measures and tensions, ergonomic and protective postural guidelines, etc.).
  • Differentiated interface for the end user and for companies due to ethics and data confidentiality.


MAXSENS make sense if you want to have health work environment and protect your employees!

  • Insurance Companies
  • eHealth Posture Monitoring
  • Sports & Fitness
  • Socio Health
  • Industrial
  • Video Games


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MAXSENS make sense if you want to have health work environment and protect your employees!